Welcome to Frameos new blog

A new place for all you Frameo-lovers out there!

In the Frameo team we have decided to get in on the blogging-wave. The goal is to provide both our most engaged users and people who are interested in Frameo with exicting content to give a bigger insight on what is happening at Frameo. The content that is going to be posted here will exist of:

  1. User reviews that brings forth usecases and scenarios where Frameo can be used
  2. Development updates where you guys can follow up on what we’re up to
  3. Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Frameo
  4. Guides on how to take the best Frameo photos
  5. And much more!

So stay tuned for exciting articles and content about Frameo, we will send out updates on our newsletter, whenever new content is available on the blog.

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Frameo was founded in 2015 and has it's primary focus in designing and developing innovative software solutions. With our Social Photo Frame concept we have the vision that we will connect people in a new way, different from how the established social media services does.