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At Frameo we love recieving feedback on our product and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate, when you guys take the time to give us your input. We have looked around the web and found various reviews on different Frameo photo frames, which we think you will enjoy, especially if you aren’t totally sure if you should buy a Frameo yourself.

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Language: Dutch

Product: Denver PFF-711 BLACK (7”)


First up we have an input from the flatlands of the Netherlands, where Arjan Olsder has made a very thourough and in-dept review of a Frameo photo frame from DENVER. Luckily he enjoyed the photo frame so much, that he gave it 4.5 (out of 5) stars.

He starts of his article by stating how Frameo proved him wrong about picture frames being boring:

Picture frames are usually the most boring products we get. So boring that we did not even want to review them until recently. Until Denver asked us to look at the Denver Frameo PFF-711BLACK. A photo frame with an app. An app that works. An app that simply makes the photo frame fun. Addictive even. (translated)

Afterwards he dvelves into the products by going trough various aspects such as the design and specification aspects of the photo frame and the installation process of the software. He also refer to his unboxing review video on Youtube, which can be found here

Photo from Can be found here: Photo is owned by and borrowed from

In addition to all this he also articulate his appreciation of the concept:

The nice thing is that with the codes you can also give friends and family access to the photo frame. This way everyone can share photos with each other. (translated)

Read the full article: here (FR)

Language: French

Product: DENVER PFF-1010 White (10”)

Channel/Website: Youtube - /

Next up we have Tania from the swiss tech-site, which has written both an article and recorded a review video on the Youtube channel: This is a nice quick low-key review, where you get a swift overview of the features of the Frameo photo frame and also why Frameo is an ideal option for presents to the grandparents.

Here is a snippet from her article on

The quality of the image and the speed of the transfer of the photo from one device to another are, in my opinion, very good. On top of that, I especially enjoyed the ability to manage images directly on the frame. You can hide, delete or save a photo on the SD card. (translated)

Watch the full video here (DE)

Language: German

Product: DENVER PFF-1010 Black (10”)

Channel/Website: Youtube - /

This is also a review from, but this time we hear the opinion of Gadget Gab which is a german gadget-lover. Gadget Gab has also both written a short article and recorded a quick video review of the Frameo product.

It brings a tear to our eye when others also view the sharing of photos as a sharing of special memories. This is exactly what Gadget Gab articulates in this review:

The Frameo has everything you would expect from a digital photo frame and, thanks to sophisticated features, allows you to give your favorite pictures and memories the space they deserve. (translated)

Screenshot of youtube video. Can be found here: Photo is owned by and borrowed from

Watch the full video here

Language: Danish

Product: DENVER PFF-710 White (7”)


It’s time to go back to our roots and introduce a review from a fellow danish review-site called This site makes reviews in cooperation with 42 different “test-families”, which means that you get an opinion on the products based on real use cases in a familys everyday life. made their review in cooperation with three testers: Melike, Nadja and Maria along with their respective families.

Nadja for example states that her young son already has figured out how to use the Frameo photo frame:

You can even give a code to the frame to others, so they also can transfer to it and Arthur who is 8 years old already has this feature completely under control. Here i also think about how it could be an obvious gift idea to the grandparents, so the family easily can put new photos on it as they come to visit. The opportunities are many! (translated)

Photo from Can be found here: Photo is owned by and borrowed from

PEARL TV (Product presentation)

Language: German

Product: Somikon WLAN Bilderrahmen (7” + 10”)

Channel: Pearl TV

Last but not least we have an awesome video from PEARL.TV, which is a german product presentation channel on Youtube. In this video we have two moderators: Vivien Konca and Ralf Janssen. In the beginning of this christmas-themed review video, which takes place in a live studio, Vivien Konca kicks things off by saying:

I love love love it. Why? Because you can be united with each other worldwide with one photo frame and that is fanstastic. When I think about my family where my grandma lives abroad and owns WLAN but no smartphone I can at any time, no matter where I am send small greetings and fancy photos to her. (translated)

Troughout the video the moderators explain both technical aspects of using the Frameo photo frame and also more use scenarios in which Frameo is ideal.

Screenshot of PEARL.TV youtube video. Can be found here: Screenshot from Youtube video: WLAN Bilderrahmen im Test mit Vivien Konca (November 2017)

Watch the full video here



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