Reviews from Frameo families

At Frameo we see our concept as a sharing-tool between loved ones, families and friends. This is also why we think Frameo differs from other social platforms. The sharing-part in Frameo is both the act of capturing and sending moments to each other AND the intimate sharing experience with others in the home when recieving a new photo on the photo frame standing on the shelf. By bringing Frameo into your family, you adopt a platform for moments to be shared and enjoyed together in your everyday life.

Whether it’s a photo taken while you are having your daily breakfast, or whether you are attending your siblings wedding and capture the moment where the bride and the groom say yes to each other - the moments become photos - the photos become memories.

What other Frameo families say:

Here are a few statements from people that have adopted Frameo into their families:

Awesome frame! -

I love this frame! Easy to use and great photo quality! I’m sending it to my uncle with ALS so he can see everyone that loves him whenever he wants! I have many family members connected to it so we can send pictures to him whenever we want! We all live far away so this is the perfect gift! - Stephanie

High technology! -

It is easy to set up, connect the frame via app is also very easy, my daughter is now able to send me photos every day, awesome! I love the sound of the new coming photo, it’s like a little surprise every time I received a new photo - Jason

So far so good -

I bought this framework for Father’s Day, I can’t tell you how much I like it! I can now take photos of my grandson from anywhere to my frame! Really a good idea! The picture displayed on the frame is very beautiful! When the image changes automatically, it’s fun to see what’s happening and bring back so many memories! If the picture needs to be adjusted, you can edit it directly from your phone! Don’t hesitate to buy this framework! You will love it! - Saratally

Simple and easy -

So simple to send pics, I gave this to an elder family member and they set up with no issues. I use it all the time between MA and VT with barely any delay - Nicole O’Donnel

Review on Google Play -

Very nice way of sharing my life with my grandmother from abroad - Milou Spliet

Easy To Setup & Use Photo Frame! -

I love that I can send photos to this when it is sitting on my daughter’s work desk and I am at home! Anyone she approves can put photos on it remotely! - Lanelle

Great Christmas gifts -

We bought 2 of these, one for each of our parents. My parents spent their first year as snow birds in Arizona so were away for the holidays and I had it shipped wrapped right to them. Both family’s love these, they were easy to set up and use, we sent photos of Christmas dinner to them in real time and my mom kept texting back how good it made them feel. Now every time we get family pics or cool stuff we just send it right to their frames and they love coming home to see new stuff. Its kind of a game. And if your family is like mine there has already been some pranks. - Johnson

Perfect for Grandparents -

Very happy with this - this photo frame will be perfect for my grandmother, living in a nursing care facility- this wifi capability will allow us to keep her updated with the great grandchildren’s events so she doesn’t feel so left out. - Renee

Become a Frameo Family yourself!

Frameo brings forth new opportunities for communicating and sharing experiences across family members and acquaintances, which connect families in new ways compared to other social media.

Surprise a loved one with a Frameo WiFi photo frame, or get one for yourself and start adopting Frameo into your family!

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Frameo was founded in 2015 and has it's primary focus in designing and developing innovative software solutions. With our Social Photo Frame concept we have the vision that we will connect people in a new way, different from how the established social media services does.