Development Update 1

Hello everyone! My name is Kasper and I’m here on behalf of the Frameo development team. In this article we will make our first “Development update” to give you some insights on the cool stuff, we are currently working on at Frameo. In other words, I will go trough what to expect of the following releases for both the photo frame and the smartphone apps.

Introducing motion pictures!

Yes, you’ve guessed it - video is coming to Frameo! After valuable feedback from you guys, we have decided to follow through on the possibility to share videos with Frameo. This feature will both include videos that you record yourself on your smartphone, but also videos you have downloaded or received from others.

Here is some introductory thoughts on how we will ensure a good user experience and usability both on the photo frame and the smartphone:

  • Limited duration:

    We want to limit the duration of the videos to ensure a good viewing experience and consistency on the photo frame, so the photos won’t disappear in-between endless video clips. With that said, we are aware that for the feature to make sense, this constraint should not be below 10 seconds.

  • Easy in-app adjustment of the length of the video clips:

    We want to make it easy for the user to keep track on what part of the video clip that should be sent. This is important mostly considering the limited duration of the video clips. We will therefore focus on the mapping between control and effect on the “adjustment” part of the video clips to ensure that your video clips is perfectly timed, exactly as you wish. We will therefor be using simple and recognizable video editing interfaces on both Android and iOS.

  • Seamless transfer of heavier video files:

    This will most probably be done by compressing the video files to make them fit the screen resolution of the receiving photo frame. A higher resolution than this will be a waste of load on the photo frame and on the video transfer from smartphone to photo frame.

  • Possibility of discrete playback:

    We will give those users that don’t what to much noise and “motion” from the photo frame the option to make the video playback more discrete. Therefore we will be giving the user the possibility to both mute the videos and/or pause the videos as default, when they are playing in the slideshow on the photo frame. If the users chooses to make videos paused as default they will appear almost as every other photo, but will still be able to be played, if the user interact with the photo frame.

Below you can check out some opening wireframes of the video feature. This is how we think the editing of the video clips options could look like:

The video feature is still in its early development and therefor we will soon begin testing the first iteration of the feature. After some iterations the feature will be out on the beta version of the app, so stay tuned for this. Learn how to subscribe to our beta program later in this article. We estimate that this feature will be ready inside the next three months.

We are excited to make it possible for everyone to share motion pictures to photo frames and make those moments come alive for others!

Other things we are working on right now

  • Fit to frame/fill frame as default

    It will soon be possible to make every photo you receive to either fit or fill the screen as default. You can of course always change individual photos to either of the options of your choice.

  • Making it easier to export photos to SD-card

    It will soon be possible to not just make a backup of the photo frame, but also to export all the photos in JPEG-format with a micro-SD card to another media of your choice. This can be used to easily transfer all your photos from one photo frame to another and use them as two different photo frames with different names, positions and friends.

  • Power menu

    To make it easier to shutdown the photo frame in the right way, we have implemented a power off menu that will be accessible trough the quickmenu. Here it will be possible to turn off or reboot the frame and to make it go to sleep.

Get early access

Don’t forget to sign up to our beta program to try out cool features, like the video-feature when it’s ready, earlier than usual. We offer both beta programs for the photo frame software and the Android version of the smartphone app. If you choose to sign up, we would also appreciate if you share some of your thoughts of the new additions to the apps. This feedback is very valuable to us in making the Frameo experience the best that it can possibly be!

Read more here on how to get started:

Beta for photo frame / Beta for Android app

Stay tuned!

Keep one eye on our social media pages for updates, and the other on our changelog for new features and improvements.

Have a good day!



Frameo was founded in 2015 and has it's primary focus in designing and developing innovative software solutions. With our Social Photo Frame concept we have the vision that we will connect people in a new way, different from how the established social media services does.