The Frameo Christmas guide

Memories are presents that never gets broken or outdated. At Frameo we are proud and happy to make it possible for everyone to both strengthen these memories and to share them between families and friends. A Frameo photo frame is the present that keeps on giving!

In this article we would like to give some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Frameo this Christmas!

Capture the special moments

Christmas is of course full of magical moments, moments that are valuable to look back on and to share with others. Be sure to catch the moment where the young girl eagerly opens that christmas present you know she has been talking about all year or the moment where the grandfather drop down his walking stick and starts dancing around the christmas tree!

The most emotional moments are often the most valuable and memorable ones, so be sure to perpetuate them!

Make a Frameo Christmas card

Many have a tradition of exchanging Christmas cards where the whole family is portrayed in front of the Christmas tree or your kids are posing in front of the chimney - with another close family, friends or relatives. Why not use Frameo when making this years Christmas card? You will skip the long time for the card to arrive with the mail and the recipient will be able to see the Christmas card instantly. Instead of the traditional postcard greeting, you write a fitting caption following the photo you wish to send and poof - you are done. If you want you can also add text to the photo itself with a 3rd party app - we have listed some useful apps in the next section of this post.

Give your photos some Christmas spirit

Here we have found some other apps that can be very useful when you want to add something extra to your photos.

Snapseed (Free):

This cool app made by Google offers you to add a huge amount of filters and effects to your photos. You can add a vintage style to the photo, make a cool vignette effect or sharpen up the colors. The possibilities are many!

You can also share the edited photo directly to the Frameo app when you are done!

Download it here: iOS / Android

PicLab (Free):

This goofy app allows you to add stickers on your photos and has a lot of free ones to choose from. Why not add some funny Christmas stickers or a beautiful “Merry Christmas” text to your photo? You can also add some cool textures onto your photo or adjust the colors on the photo easily.

Similar to Snapseed, PicLab also lets you share the edited photo directly with the Frameo app when you are done!

Download it here: iOS / Android

Giving Frameo as a Christmas present

If you have someone in your family or social circle that you think would really enjoy recieving these Christmas photos and photos of your every day life after Christmas - why not give them a Frameo photo frame?

You can even set it up for them with some preloaded photos to get started! Bring joy to a loved ones face when he or she opens up their Frameo photo frame on Christmas for the first time by putting in a personal Christmas card beforehand as described as above.

Follow this to find out where to buy a Frameo photo frame

You are ready!

Now you are ready to send some awesome Christmas photos to all your connected Frameo photo frames!

But remember - it’s not about taking perfect photos, it’s about sharing the perfect moments.

Last but not least, everyone at Frameo would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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