Discover the corporate DNA of Frameo


Frameo was founded in 2015 and has it's primary focus in designing and developing innovative software solutions. With our Social Photo Frame concept we have the vision that we will connect people in a new way, different from how the established social media services does.


From the start we wanted to give people the possibility to share good memories and everyday moments with their loved ones where we emphasize "sharing" as two-dimensional. Its both the act of capturing and sending moments to someone who are interested in them, but also the intimate sharing experience with others in the home when recieving a new photo on the photoframe standing at the shelf.


To fulfill our vision we maintain an essential focus on both the user experience with our product and also the usability aspects of it. We want to make our social photo frame solution available and accessable for everyone, no matter the age and the degree of literacy for modern technologies.


Frameo is for everyone, and an important aspect of this is offering our product everywhere. Therefor our vision on the future is delivering our software solution to a high diverse group of brands with different price ranges, markets and end-users.

The team

Diversity is likewise a keyword when describing the Frameo team. We consists of people with great sales experience, User experience designers and software developers.